Grill Mat – Tips and Tricks from Chef Caron

Hi, Chef Caron here, with an update or two on how to make the best use of your bbq grill mat so you don’t run into any frustrating difficulties or problems.

How You Use Your Grill Affects How You Use Your Grill Mat

Keep in mind that every type of food you barbecue will react with the mats differently. I point this out because everyone’s use of the grill is pretty much unique. For example, you might use a specific type of marinade that you make yourself. It’s possible that no one else on the planet is using that exact combination of ingredients on a bbq grill mat.

Sticky Situation

I had a customer call me the other day because his grill mat had gotten a sticky residue on it after using it all summer. The trick to knowing what to do about this sort of thing, is to think of the mat exactly as you would an expensive nonstick frying pan. What would safe nonstick-cookwareyou do if you had sticky residue on your nonstick kitchen cookware? You’d wash it, of course. Same thing with a grill mat. You need to keep it clean. After every use, you need to wash it so that it looks and feels like new. Some ways you can do that if you have difficult residue on the mat:

Cleaning Instructions

Soak the mats in soapy water for an hour or longer and then wipe them clean. TIP – if something you’re cooking is sticking to the mats use the soft side of a scrub pad to scrub it off. The longer it’s on there the harder it will be to remove.

Put the mats in your dishwasher, on the top rack and run it on hot. Usually, that will remove any stubborn residues.

Grill Mat Magic WandAlways wash your mats immediately after use. That technique alone will work like magic. l always have a damp cotton cloth handy, and wipe them right away when I remove them from the barbecue grill. Then I let them soak for a while and transfer them into the dishwasher. Doing all three of those things guarantees that I don’t have any residue building up on the mats.

Prevention is Key

That’s really the ticket here. If you get a little bit of residue that stays on the mat every time you barbecue or grill, eventually this will turn into a sticky surface on the mat that will be very difficult to remove without damaging the mat.

So to summarize, be preventative. Just take the time to clean your grill mats thoroughly and carefully after every use and they will continue to provide you with years of great use a service. For full instructions click here.

If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact me using the Contact Us page on this website. We can usually answer questions and offer help right away, unless we’re in the middle of some ridiculous barbecue emergency. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care, Chef Caron