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BBQ Grill Mat Review

BBQ Grill Mat Review

Chef Caron explains in detail  how to sort through the options and select best BBQ grill mat for your needs in this in depth BBQ Grill Mat Review.

How to Locate the Best BBQ Grill Mat

Modern day advertising often makes it difficult to know which information  is factual and which is simply designed to trick us into a purchase (we all know this but often ignore it) — and barbecue grill mats have achieved something akin to celebrity status over the last couple of years. There is scarcely a better example of highly refined (and extremely manipulative) advertising techniques than those as-seen-on-tv ads.

What to Expect

I’m not singling out the “as seen on TV’ advertisements as the only Continue reading

Barbecue Grill Mat or Grill Cleaning Tools – Your Choice

Barbecue Grill Mat or
Grill Cleaning Tools – Your Choice

Barbecue Grill MatPeople love to use their barbecue; They love food cooked on it; And they love barbecue tools, accessories and gadgets. There have been quite a few products invented for cleaning your grill and of course there’s the BBQ Grill Mat which you would use to keep your barbecue from getting grubby in the first place,  so you don’t have to clean it. But in this post I’m going to take a look at a handful of BBQ items that you can use to clean your barbecue. Some of these have been around for a while and some are fairly new on the market. If you were looking for information on the barbecue grill mat then visit this page. Otherwise, read on.  Continue reading

Miracle Grill Mat Reviews

Read the Miracle Grill Mat Reviews before purchasing.

Miracle Grill Mat Reviews

The Miracle Grill Mat was one of the first widely advertised BBQ grill mats, and first showed up as part of the “as seen on TV phenomena.”  Most people had never heard of a BBQ grill mat prior to this massive television advertising campaign. For a short time, it became the most familiar barbecue product of its type in the world. It’s a clever name, too. Anything with the word “miracle” in it is an attention-grabber. Why do you think this post is titled “Miracle Grill Mat Reviews?” Because it gets your attention. Well, and also because that’s what it is.

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at how this As-Seen-On-TV thing works, since Continue reading

Copper Grill Mat – Are They Better Than the Black Ones?

Copper Grill Mat and CheeseburgersAs of this writing, there’s a new kid on the block in the world of grilling accessories and grill tools – it’s the Copper Grill Mat. I’ve been watching the development of this new option with interest. From my observations, it appeared that the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat was the first on the market and, as always happens, there were numerous imitations that quickly followed.

Yoshi Copper Grill MatA quick search on Amazon earlier today (July 3, 2017) revealed multiple options for purchasing a copper grill mat, which included products from Atiyok, Aoocan, Netcat, Smaid, RVZHI, BestGreen, Looch, Yoshi, and Copper Chef, to name just a few. There aren’t a lot of reviews yet for any of these, since they are a relatively new product.

I ordered several of these and will be testing them once they arrive. The concept of a bbq grill mat is not new, but the copper grill mat certainly is, though it remains to be seen they are going to be viewed with the same enthusiasm that the original mats have been.

Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mats PackagingI have a series of questions about the copper grill mats that I will be answering in a future post, once I have had the opportunity to test them. If they prove to be an improvement on the original black mats and if they perform as well or better we’ll be creating a Chef Caron version of the copper grill mat.

The questions regarding the copper grill mat that I will be answering through the testing and research phase:

  • Is it possible to manufacture the copper grill mat with the same or better coeffecient of friction that the original bbq grill mats? This is the feature that gives a mat its slickness and makes it easy to use and simple to clean (in most instances).
  • Does a copper grill mat actually contain copper? Or is that an advertising gimmick because of their copper color?
  • If they do contain copper, are they safe to cook on? Even copper pots and pans normally have a copper colored interior coating. You’re usually not actually cooking on a copper surface. I’ll get into more detail on the copper ingestion issue in my next post on the subject.
  • Are they easier or harder to clean than the original bbq grill mats? There are certain foods and sauces, I’ve found, that will stick to a grill mat with a vengeance, particularly when the mats have been subjected to higher heat. So clearly, bbq grill mats do have their limitations in that regard. I’ll be doing tests with the same foods and the same temperatures cooked on a black grill mat and a copper grill mat at the same time. I’ll be videoing this process so those who are interested can see the actual results for themselves.

I’m sure once I receive the copper grill mats and start working with them I will discover other aspects and features that need to be tested and verified. Expect to see the results shortly after the Fourth of July. And have a happy and safe 4th.

Grill Mats – Which Type Do You Mean? We’ve Got Both

Grill Mats – Which Type Do You Mean?

You probably arrived at this page because you were searching for “Grill Mats.” This means you are most definitely looking for one of two things, and we need to get you headed in the right direction by figuring out which one you’re searching for.

gas grill splatter mat grill mat
Grill Mat – Splatter Mat

Are you looking for the type that are used to place on the deck, patio or ground under the barbecue grill that look like the image to the left? If this is what you’re looking for, click on the image and you will be transferred to the page that reviews that type of grill mats.

Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mat on Grill
BBQ Grill Mat – Nonstick Grilling Sheet

. . . or are you looking for the bbq Grill Mats that you place on the grates of the barbecue grill to use as a cooking surface? If this is what you’re looking for then read on. You’re in the right place.

Grill Mats – What Are They?

grill mats - from Chef CaronThey go by many different names. They are referred to as bbq grill mats, grilling mats, nonstick cooking mats, baking mats, Teflon® sheets, reusable grill mats, bbq sheets, barbecue grill mats, etc. That’s only a few of the different references people use, but you get the idea. They all refer to the same item or product.

Grill Mats are a thin rectangle of flexible material (between .1mm and .25mm thick, depending on quality) that have the same nonstick features as a Teflon® pan. They are usually around 13 x 16 inches in size, and are currently available in either black or tan coloration. They can be rolled up and can be cut to different shapes and sizes for a large variety of nonstick applications. More on that later.

Grill Mats are produced with the same nonstick surfacing that is safe nonstick-cookware - grill matsused in other nonstick cookware, but there are some major differences. The nonstick material used for both pans grill mats, is called PTFE which is short for polytetrafluoroethylene.  In the case of grill mats, the PTFE is applied to a piece of wide-weave cloth – the same type used as an under-surface for fiberglassing. It’s important to point out that a grill mat does not contain any fiberglass, just the cloth used in fiberglass applications.

In the production of a grill mat, because the PTFE is being applied to a flexible surface, we are able to apply a much thicker layer of the nonstick coating. With more a higher quality (and more expensive) grill mat, such as Kona and Chef Caron, the PTFE is applied to the point where there is very little surface texture, creating an ultra-slick surface that is quite durable and still completely flexible.


Grill mats are easy to use. You simply place them directly on your Dinner on grill matsgrill grate and cook your food on them. As with any nonstick cookware, the FDA has set safety limits on the temperature levels. You’ll never want to use any of your nonstick cookware, including the grill mats, at temperatures above 500 degrees fahrenheit. PTFE is highly stable and impervious to water and even harsh chemical solvents within that temperature range. Not that you’re going to be cooking any chemical solvents, but I’m just pointing out that it’s impossible to damage a grill mat by cooking on it, UNLESS YOU OVERHEAT THEM! I put that in all caps because people do overheat them and yes, it does ruin the mats.

One reason that so many mats get damaged by excess heat is BBQ Firebecause the users don’t realize that you can’t grill the same way with grill mats as you would without them. For example, even though I use grill mats constantly on my barbecue, I still cook most meats the traditional way, with very high heat and short cook times. You wouldn’t want to use grill mats when doing that type of grilling. Stick with what you know, and use the grill mats for things you can’t do without them – like making breakfast on the grill with bacon, pancakes, sausage, fried eggs and hashbrowns, for example, or cook chopped vegetables, fish or shrimp.

Are They All The Same?

If you’ve been shopping for grill mats you will have noticed that prices range from just a few dollars up to around twenty dollars for a set of two mats. Why this big price difference? Easily explained. You can manufacture a grill mat for as little as 60 cents. That will be a very thin mat (.1mm), small in size (13 x 15), with the lightest possible amount of PTFE. This is what you can accurately call a “cheap grill mat,” and you could probably get them on Amazon for as little as $6 a set. You’ll be lucky to get more than a few uses out of them before they disintegrate. In this case you get exactly what you pay for.

On the other end of the equation you can purchase a mat that is thick (.25mm), large in size (13.5 x 17), and has multiple applications of PTFE. You can identify these grill mats with generous PTFE, because the texture of the underlying cloth is almost invisible. On cheaper mats you can clearly see the checkerboard of the cloth through the thin layer of PTFE.  This type of mat is expensive to produce and will be easy to use, easy to clean and will last a long time if you don’t overheat it.

The Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mats

Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mats Packaging
Click the image to Read More on Amazon or to Purchase the Grill Mats




Yoshi Grill Mat Review

Yoshi-Grill-Mat-ReviewYoshi Grill Mat Review

Grillmats are interesting and popular barbecue utensils, but being what they are, they don’t offer a wide range of features. That doesn’t leave a lot of material to draw from for a BBQ grill mat review. For that reason, when reviewing them I like to focus on just two main aspects of the product: the specifications, and a comparison between what is advertised and what is delivered. So let’s jump right in to this Yoshi Grill Mat Review. Continue reading