18" Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill Brush with Scraper - Gets Grills Squeaky Clean with Sturdy Metal Bristles and Steel Scraper - Extra Long 18-inch Handle for Ease of Use

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Manufacturer Description

When you're finished at the grill, you've got more than just juicy steaks, saucy ribs, mouthwatering burgers and other grilled fare to show for your backyard cooking. You also have a gross, grimy grill top that's covered with filth that you just know is going to be impossible to get off.

Dealing with the grime that's left over on the grill can ruin your appetite, can't it? It might even make you hesitate to fire up the barbecue when you just don't feel like dealing with messy cleanup afterward.

But you don't have to let thoughts of burned-on, crusty mess spoil your dinner or leave the grill closed all summer long to avoid the hassles of cleaning! All that you need is the right grill brush to get the tough cleaning job done. The BRAND NAME Barbecue Grill Brush with Scraper is the answer you've been waiting for!

The BRAND NAME Barbecue Grill Brush with Scraper is unique among BBQ tools, as it isn't just a simple grill brush. The design is actually two grill tools in one with a metal scraper built right into the design. The heavy--duty metal scraper can be used to lift away the worst grime from the grill surface, while the wire bristles get between the spaces in the grate where dirt can hide. With just this single BBQ grill brush, you have both of the best barbecue tools needed to get a grill spic and span in a hurry.

Measuring 19 inches in length, the BRAND NAME Barbecue Grill Brush with Scraper allows you to stand back from the grill when you're cleaning, so you won't get burned, end up smelling like smoke or be dripping with sweat when you're finished. The durable plastic handle of the grill brush has a hole already present at the end for easy hanging.

See how much easier it can be to get a grill spotlessly clean when you have two BBQ tools in one! Order the BRAND NAME Barbecue Grill Brush with Scraper and get back to enjoying grilling again.

Product Features

TWO ESSENTIAL BBQ TOOLS IN ONE This handy design includes two essential grill tools! Scrape and then brush to remove burned on grime with ease HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS Wire bristles and metal scraper make this grill brush more effective than other barbecue tools on the market EXTRA LONG HANDLE Barbecue grill brush measures 18 inches overall, keeping you safely away from the heat of the grill USE WITHOUT WORRY Our BBQ grill brush is tough on grime but gentle on the grates, so it can be used on any grill without scratching or damaging ALWAYS WITHIN REACH A hole is already punched in the handle, so you can hang your grill brush right on the grill or on a hook along the wall right where you need it

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