Durrelli Super Bright LED Barbecue Grill Light All-Purpose Handle Mount Heat Resistant BBQ Light

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Manufacturer Description

The Durrelli Grill Light is the perfect companion for grilling under the stars. It can also be used for other purposes such as camping, biking, boating, fishing, hunting, or pretty much anything you can do outdoors. The adjustable clamp allows you to securely attach the light to a variety of objects to ensure you have light for whatever you are doing after dark. Includes Free Meat Thermometer and Screwdriver A FREE screwdriver and meat thermometer are included with the light along with a FREE electronic pamphlet with recipes, tips, and fun outdoor games that are great for all ages! Features
  • 10 super bright LEDs light your entire barbeque grill with 3 different brightness settings to maximize battery life.
  • Rotates 360 degrees allowing you to adjust the light to shine exactly where you need it.
  • Made from a heat-resistant ABS plastic which can resist heat up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This light uses 3 AA batteries to provide up to 18-20 hours of continuous power depending on battery quality. --BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED--
  • Can be used for just about anything. It can attach to anything that has a max diameter of 1.625 inches. Fits most any shape. It can attach to bbq grills, boats, bicycles, ATVs, UTVs, tent poles, deer stands, and many other objects. It can also be used as flashlight.
The perfect gift for those who love to spend time in front of the barbecue grill.

Product Features

LIGHTS ENTIRE GRILL SURFACE: The Durrelli bbq light is equipped with 10 super bright LED lights. It has 3 different brightness settings enabling you to maximize battery life. Requires 3 AA batteries. --BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED-- It is able to rotate/pivot at three points. One point allows rotating the light 360 degrees. The second pivot point allows rotating the light 220 degrees. The final pivot point allows rotating 180 degrees. FREE MEAT THERMOMETER: Includes a free easy to use meat thermometer, so whatever you are grilling is cooked perfectly. The thermometer has markings for commonly grilled meat, so you don't have to remember the correct target temperature. CONVENIENTLY ATTACHES TO GRILL HANDLE: The Durrelli barbecue light has a larger clamp and is easy to attach to any grill handle up to a maximum diameter of 1.375 inches (35 mm). It's heat resistant up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit. HAS MANY USES: You'll never run out of uses for the Durrelli led light. It has many uses including as a barbeque light, bike light, boat light, camp light, and just about anywhere you could use a clamp on outdoor light. BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND: Buy the Durrelli bbq light today with peace of mind. You are backed by our rock solid lifetime warranty and superior customer service from our United States based company. We strive to deliver top quality products to help families build great relationships in the outdoors.

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